• What is the best strategy to attract new customers from established broadband players?
  • Lessons learned about realising deployment ambitions and the impact of different market conditions upon the business model

Market Overview from an Early Entrant’s Perspective:

  • Early launch challenges and key lessons learnt
  • Competitive strategies to differentiate
  • The importance of the eco-system
  • Looking at the challenges ahead

Qualifying the Customer Offering and Segmentation Strategy

  • How does customer segmentation influence service deployment strategy?
  • Capitalising upon the open ecosystem of WiMAX to drive innovation

Planning and Implementing a Successful Go To Market Strategy

  • Optimising all elements of a go to market strategy: from procurement to deployment
  • Understanding the process of taking an RFP from strategic intent to short-listing the essential features of the WiMAX standard and signing a contract
  • How can vendors and operators ensure their goals are aligned?


  • Introduction to Nawras and the Omani market
  • WiMAX opportunity in Oman
  • WiMAX market segmentation
  • Leveraging the mobile base and complementing 3G

How WiMAX Can Create Profitable New Opportunities For New Entrant

  • Countering competitive response to market entry from strong but inflexible incumbents
  • What is the best strategy to attract new customers from established broadband players?
  • Evaluating the potential for WiMAX to be used as more than just a ‘Gap-filler’ in MENA

Developing Sustainable Retail Distribution Models

  • Strategies for new entrants and operators with existing wireless network assets
  • Positioning WiMAX services in a competitive local market:When does mobility make sense?
  • Pricing and bundling strategies to drive data usage and acquire new subscribers
  • How to control the ever increasing traffic demands by customers

Opportunities and Key Factors for Success in 2010 & Beyond

  • WiMAX is here to stay: momentum and growth opportunities
  • a maturing ecosystem: super devices, open-retail certification, global roaming, market dynamics
  • addressing operators’ needs in meeting ‘on-demand everything, everywhere’ consumer expectation
  • key success drivers for operators in 2010

4G Networks: A New Generation of Capabilities

  • Overview of an end-to-end Greenfield WiMAX network launch
  • Addressing which segment to serve? Start with consumers, corporate users?
  • Considerations for launching into a DSL dominated market also served by other wireless broadband players
  • Marketing strategies and service bundles

How Are WiMAX Operators Addressing Infrastructure/Device Interoperability

  • Solving the plug and play problem: How do you standardise network provisioning more effectively?
  • Interpretation of the WiMAX standard:What are the mandatory fields for interoperability and what features do carriers want to incorporate?
  • A progress report on WiMAX certification