Certified Training Courses offered at Congress Asia:

The WiMAX Forum® Certified Training Program will be offering three training courses at the WiMAX Forum Congress Asia in Taipei, Taiwan.

Our Certified Training is designed to bring a wide range of high-quality WiMAX™ education programs to WiMAX Forum members and to the entire WiMAX ecosystem. Enhance your career by gaining professional skills and certifications through our training program.

WiMAX Forum Network Designer™ Certification Bootcamp

The course consists of three main parts: Detailed Technology Overview, Master Design Plan and The 50 Steps Design Process.

Mobile WiMAX™ Certification Testing

WiMAX™ Worldwide Compliance Services

This one-day course provides an overview of the WiMAX Forums Regulatory Working Group (RWG) objectives and activities. Additionally, the course covers the primary regulatory issues for WiMAX and discusses the different types of approval processes. It provides in-depth content on country-specific requirements including the existing approval process; the allocated frequency spectrum for WiMAX with discussion on the current situation and expected changes; test requirements; and a full review of licensing information.