Since its launch in 2008, the official WiMAX Forum Congress Series has been proud to welcome and host 9000+ WiMAX professionals, 280+ sponsors and exhibitors in 125+ countries in every continent…Congress Asia 2010 is the next event in this amazing success.

2010 is a year where external economic conditions are shaping decisions and affecting investment decisions. In these challenging times, it is ever more crucial to invest wisely and demonstrate your commitment to WiMAX and the industry whilst providing confidence and reassurance to your value chain. The global WiMAX industry continues to grow rapidly and as the global markets improve, which they inevitably will, your organisation will be best placed to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

So what can we do for you? Congress Asia will enable you to:

  • Engage and network with the WiMAX ecosystem across Asia
  • Meet real buyers face-to-face
  • Introduce & demonstrate new products
  • Attract investment
  • Position you as thought leaders
  • Maintain/increase market share
  • Have effective business meetings faster
  • Gather invaluable market intelligence
  • Identify and expand into new markets
  • Deliver live WiMAX demonstrations
  • Engage with Press and Analysts
  • Be a part of the community driving the fastest growing and most exciting sector in telecoms today

The WiMAX Forum Congress Asia show is your event owned by you the Members and the industry. This is the only event where profits from the show are invested back into your association which directly benefits you. Show your support by participating in Congress Asia and help continue the growth and expansion of the global WiMAX ecosystem.All our packages are customised to suit your individual needs and budgets.

To discuss how we can help grow your business and prepare you for 2010 contact any member of the sales team now.