Let’s be honest for once: living your life traveling from one event to another considers challengers you wouldn’t have thought of before going onto this path. The most important aspects of your travels relate to flights. Whether you are on time at the airport or not, airplanes are late and reasons are diverse.

If your flight has ever been delayed or canceled, you have probably wondered if there is a replacement aircraft standing by waiting to pick you up. While sometimes you may be lucky enough to board another plane right away, other times you could wait for days before one becomes available.

It is a tricky scenario even for the biggest names in the air travel industry, and while it is difficult to get an exact answer, we will look at what your options are when your next-to-board plane remains grounded for technical problems. Other than that, if your flight is late of even cancelled, you may always ask the guys from https://www.airclaim.com/ for help.

How aircraft maintenance takes place

Aircraft maintenance is an essential part of air travel, and everybody involved treat this aspect with maximum strictness. You might have been in a situation where an airport staff member informs you that your flight has been delayed due to a technical problem. Most of the times, the issue does not pose a risk to the passengers, but it is treated just the same.

Before each flight, both the pilots and the aircraft maintenance crew perform a regular check for every working component of the plane. If they find an issue, they immediately begin the fixing process. Once the repair work is done, they perform additional tests to make sure that the problem is gone.

Even if it wastes plenty of time for the passengers, and it may disrupt air traveling schedules, this repair procedure goes ahead with maximum exigency. This high attention to details is one of the reasons why airliners are so safe and reliable, and why very few accidents occur year round.

The most common plane maintenance issues

There are several problems that experts may encounter when performing aircraft maintenance. Some of them may require a slight delay of the flight, while others cancel the trip altogether and send the plane to the repair hangar.

Here are the most common plane maintenance issues that could occur before your flight:

  • Worn out engine fan blades
  • Contamination of the air conditioning system
  • Fuel contamination
  • Aircraft parking issues
  • Problems with the water draining system during the cold season

All of these unexpected issues may force the pilot to delay the flight for a few hours or more. If the aircraft requires any replacement parts, and they are unavailable, he will ask for flight cancellation. In this case, passengers are reimbursed and directed to other available flights.

What to do when your plane has technical problems

If your aircraft remains grounded because of technical issues, you may ask for reimbursement from the airline company. The Department of Transportation clearly states that a technical issue, even if it is extraordinary, does not constitute an exemption of liability for the company.

With the help of expert service in this field, you can claim your money back. Your request for compensation is risk-free, and it prevents you from leaving the airline desk empty-handed. At the end of the day, free sandwiches and apologies do not make up for the time and money that you lose because of an aircraft has technical problems.