Will MIMO Be the Making of Mobile WiMAX?

  • How important are wider channels to the performance of MIMO?
  • How robust is beam-forming and where does this fit in with WiMAX?
  • Overcoming obstacles created by NLOS
  • Can advanced technologies like MIMO and beam-forming help to make rural areas more attractive to serve?

How Do Network Design Decisions Affect Network Performance?

  • Optimising solutions to increasing packet throughput performance
  • Switches or Routers? Making an informed choice

What Is the Effect of Power, Terrain, Clutter and CPE Location on Coverage

  • Does it have to be unprofitable to serve customers living near mountains and/or water?
  • The role of repeaters in covering shadow areas
  • Are more base stations or more advanced wireless solutions the answer to network topology challenges in remote areas?
  • How much does CPE location affect coverage?

Breaking The WiMAX Backhaul Bottleneck: Scalable Solutions To Increasing Data Traffic

  • How can operators get capacity back to a single point of presence?
  • Making the most of the minimum investment in leased lines with contention ratios and traffic grooming techniques
  • What are the implications of inadequate backhaul investment on service quality?
  • Why does backhaul so often tend to get overlooked?

Interpretation of The WiMAX Standard

  • What features of the 802.16 air interface are most valuable to WiMAX operators?
  • Should femtocells be made mandatory? Arguments for and against

How Can Engineers Ensure Capacity Is Estimated Accurately?

  • How can engineers ensure the oversubscription rate allows the network to cope with peak traffic load?
  • Scheduling algorithms for calculating oversubscription accurately

ASN Gateway Considerations for Mobile WiMAX: The Anchor Point for Mobility

  • ASN Gateway and the WiMAX Architecture
  • Evolution of Core IP Architecture for existing Fixed Wireless Operators
  • Integration with BSS/OSS systems
  • Practical considerations for Implementation

Is Acquiring More Cell Sites The Only Way To Guarantee Stable Coverage As The Number Of Users Increases?

  • Traffic shaping and service provisioning: How to ensure a minority of users do not use up the majority of network capacity
  • What happens to service quality when cells get overloaded?
  • How do you evolve network design to incorporate mobility